Our Company

The life cycle of the construction industry generates about 39% of GHGs worldwide. That way the construction industry has a big challenge ahead to work with more sustainable and efficient materials that reduce the impact on the construction life cycle.
Isolcork is a company specialized in the development of sustainable and efficient solutions for the construction industry, promoting the use of materials with low carbon footprints, as well as the recirculation of materials that have already completed their useful life, thus improving the home conditioning and quality of life of its inhabitants with low environmental impact all based on an R&D process.


Isolcork was born in 2010 under the name of Etorkizuna, introducing the Spray Cork coating to the Chilean market as an integral solution in ecological coatings.

In 2014, the necessary improvements were implemented in Chile to start with a manufacturing process for Spray coating, under the current name of the company Isolcork, incorporating a production line in the city of Concepción in Chile, aligned with national standards.

In 2016, the CEV thermal studies and energy efficiency office was opened, under accreditation from the Chilean Ministry of Housing, developed by energy raters and in association with the French organization INIT ENVIRONMENT. Its mission is to transmit environmental and energy awareness in Chilean homes, evaluating improvement projects.

In 2017, together with MASISA LAB, the innovation center of MASISA S.A., we reached a strategic support agreement in order to promote the company's line of business at a national and international level. Over the years, Isolcork has also been sponsored by business accelerators such as UDD Ventures and Incuba UdeC.

2019 Isolcork expand his operations to Latam Markets include Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia in order develops new target on this susitainable ssolutions.

2020 Isolcork introduce to the market Rubber Waterproofing Membrana, in order to give a new use to disused tires, being a big problem with about 6.6 million tires discarded per year, becoming responsible with 0.07% annually, this second use has allowed to be used by important institutions.

2021 Isolcork get in to MExico, BRazil and Equator in order to develop their products with local distributors. As well at the end of year Masisa S.A. enters the company as a shareholder creating a governance policy of support and development in its relationship with new markets.

2022 Isolcork implement a R&D department with new solutions based on sustianables raw material.At beginning this year Isolcork open Operation in US Market trought distributors a online sales trough Amazon.
It currently has 2 commercial offices, in Santiago and Concepción, and a production plant in the district of Quilicura, Metropolitan Region.
Isolcork, in these years of learning the use of sustainable solutions, as well as in the incorporation of new technologies, has taken the lead, developing and applying innovation, complying with the highest standards in the construction industry. Isolcork products are certified by the USGBC as well as ASTM standards in the United States and Chilean standards according to NCh.
That is why we invite you to learn more about the benefits of applying our products, both in homes and in work areas.

Isolcork is a registered trademark ®.