Rubber membrane, definitive solution to water leaks

The rainy seasons are approaching and we have to pay special attention to the roof, since it is one of the parts that suffers the most damage in a construction, due to the fact that they are permanently subjected to the different climatic conditions; such as rain, strong winds, cold, snow, hail and heat. Therefore, they are more susceptible to deterioration in the materials and failures in the waterproofing, which translates into possible water leaks in the roof. Unfortunately, these problems are unavoidable as decks age without proper maintenance. Therefore, maintenance and prevention are the key to avoiding leaks, since normally when we have decided to waterproof our roof, the safest thing is that we already have leaks. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out maintenance on the roofs with waterproofing materials that protect them from leaks, fissures and all kinds of pathologies caused by climatic effects and natural aging. ISOLCORK has a definitive solution to solve this problem, through the rubber waterproofing membrane.

Isolcork's rubber waterproofing membrane is made up of a mixture based on rubber particles with waterproofing additives. This material has high elasticity, and is resistant to low and high temperatures and unalterable to thermal fluctuations and ultraviolet rays. Due to its characteristics, it eliminates the risk of water seepage due to lack of sealing, which requires complex and costly repairs. It is also self-extinguishing under the action of fire and, unlike traditional asphalt membranes, when applied by spraying, it presents significant technical, on-site and safety advantages by eliminating the need to handle heavy rolls in areas with risk of falls from heights and soldiers by heat.

The Rubber Waterproofing Membrane is a versatile material, which can be projected on any type of surface and/or material, as long as they are in good condition, such as asphalt fabric, traditional or monolayer mortar, concrete, brick, wood, PVC, polystyrene. expanded, fiber cement, etc. With the exception of polyethylene sheets or glazed surfaces where adherence may be limited.

When it comes to waterproofing a roof we have to take into account the requirements that we must meet; that is waterproof, resistant to temperature variations and various environmental conditions. The
Isolcork's projected rubber waterproofing membrane, has all the requirements that a cover needs for its total protection, in addition to being adhered to the support by means of projection, it allows you to apply a continuous layer without welding and with a thickness of 3 mm, thus eliminating the problem of leaks in the meetings, screws and joints of other traditional membranes in the covers. Since 90% of execution failures in waterproofing are found in said elements.

Therefore, to prevent or solve the appearance of leaks or filtrations, Isolcork's rubber waterproofing membrane is an excellent alternative, since it is the only membrane that is applied cold and creates a continuous layer, without joints or overlaps, giving it a finish. to these annoying problems.

For its correct application, we recommend following the steps below:

Clean the surface of the support: first of all, we must completely clean the entire surface of the cover, removing all traces of dirt, dust and peeling paint that may hinder the adherence of the material.
Examine the surface: in order to look for cracks or fissures where leaks or leaks may occur. In addition to checking if there are places where water accumulates or if the drains are clogged with leaves or dirt.

Repair of holes in the support: if there are fissures or cracks, it is recommended to repair the affected area with a leak sealant or cover, in order to prevent the penetration of water at localized points.

Reinforce joints of the cover: it is recommended to seal all the joints of the cover, using an adhesive cloth, in order to eliminate them and prevent future cracks. In addition, eliminate all the irregularities that the roof presents, taking special care to seal the joints with vertical or protruding elements (chimneys, ventilation ducts, etc.) or corners prone to cracks.

Cover check: proceed to check that all the singular points of the cover are completely sealed. But before its use, we recommend an adequate preliminary diagnosis of the support, being a fundamental phase for the treatments of the pathologies observed.

Isolcork has professionals specialized in this area, who can advise you quickly and effectively to solve the problems of leaks or leaks forever.

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