When nature meets technology

The best multipurpose finish for maintenance and new construction projects: sustainable, aesthetic, insulating and durable

  • Thermal Efficiency

    Cork Spray, thanks to the particular cork, has very low thermal transmittance properties. This allows it to be an excellent complement to building solutions and energy efficiency systems.

  • Acoustic Insulation

    The cork particles contained in the Spray Cork function as a natural acoustic insulator, reducing noise from the environment and impact noise.

  • Water Vapor Permeability

    Spray Cork is a coating that allows the wall to breathe, preventing the accumulation of moisture between the surface and the coating.

  • Waterproofing

    The Sprayed Rubber Waterproofing Membrane, thanks to the recycled rubber particles it contains and the way it is applied, is a 100% waterproof membrane. It is ideal to apply on non-passable roofs.

Our Products

Our Products
We offer sustainable solutions for the coating and waterproofing of the home. Highly efficient spray application products that are easy to prepare and apply.

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